Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 2 complete

This internship continues to be fun, and I wish I could spend more time on it. I am also doing my e-portfolio this semester, which is very daunting. I keep switching between the two projects so I don't get too stressed out over the e-portfolio.

So far, I have categorized all 300+ Caldecott winners into categories of style, medium, and themes. I have made LibGuide pages for nearly all the themes and styles and am almost done. I have started learning about the illustrators and am beginning to craft LibGuide pages for them, although that will be much more difficult. If I want to post videos and other media about the authors, I will have to brush up on my "fair use" copyright knowledge and make sure I am doing it correctly. We will be putting all these resources into an e-book later in the semester, so "permissions" is one of my tasks.

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