Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 5 complete

I just realized that I had been putting in more hours per week than I needed, since I am only enrolled for 3 credits rather than 4. So my output will probably slow a little bit since I don't have to do as many hours as I thought! Oh well - better too many hours than too few, and have to catch up.

I keep plugging away at these LibGuides. Right now I am concentrating on guides for the popular or unique Caldecott illustrators. I am writing short bios with links to their social media, adding in any good interviews or documentaries about them from YouTube, and finally putting in links and guides to interesting art projects related to their works. For example, illustrator Denise Fleming makes paper and uses it to make collages for her books, so I found a bunch of different links to really cool paper-making projects. Or Brian Selznick, who won the Caldecott for The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which is about automatons; I found some neat projects about building your own automaton. I'm trying to include projects for children and adults, although most of what I find is geared toward kids. I am getting to be a lot more creative with this LibGuide project than I thought I would.

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