Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am up to letter K in my e-portfolio...only a few left to go. But my brain cannot think about anything else. In my internship, I have just been updating my index of Caldecott books and doing some cursory research on e-book platforms for publishing. Nothing that is too mentally intensive. I am SO glad that I do not have a third class this semester. I'm pretty sure I would be dead if I did.

The networking topic for this week's discussion is an interesting one. I wonder how effective some of these techniques are. I went to an event sponsored by the SLA a few months ago, and tried to do some networking - but all the people I talked to were also looking for work, so none of us could really help each other! (In fact, 3 of the 5 people I tried to network with were SJSU SLIS students like us!) I did make some business cards, and I belong to LinkedIn and check it fairly frequently...we'll see if it starts to pay off.

I feel really phony when I try to do the "elevator pitch" thing. Also, I like nearly all aspects of library and information science work - I don't have a particular focus (although my classes were more info. science related). But it sounds stupid when someone asks me what I want to do with my degree and I say, "Anything!" It's true, though! So I never know what to say that sounds good...

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  1. I totally hear you with the "elevator pitch" thing. It's so challenging for me too! No focus either and I feel phony as well. So frustrating!!!! I keep hoping it will just get easier with practice.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with your e-portfolio. I'm hoping to work it so I only have one additional class as well. Good luck!