Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 6 complete

I was just working on more of the same this week on the LibGuides, so I don't really have much of interest to report. So instead I'll talk about how wonderful some of the Caldecott-winning books are. There are two in particular that I remember from when I was a child:

Anansi the Spider by Gerald McDermott
A Chair for my Mother by Vera B. Williams

It's funny that after seeing the covers from these books - which I hadn't seen in about 25 years or more, are so clear in my mind. Obviously, these books are very influential and important to young kids! 

Two current illustrators whose books I've found to be particularly wonderful are Uri Shulevitz and Peter Sis. Their drawings are so colorful and evocative. 

Does anybody have any favorite Caldecott-winning books or illustrators? Or any illustrated books they remember really well from childhood?

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