Thursday, November 14, 2013

Done with E-port

Argh! I almost forgot about my blog post this week! I finished my e-portfolio on Tuesday, so I can now concentrate on just internship stuff. I had it worked out that if I continue doing 8 hours a week, I will finish right on time. But I am going to try to do more hours this week and next so I can finish sooner. I don't have much to say about the internship because I am just adding more and more content to the LibGuides about illustrators.

I have to admit, these last few weeks have been really difficult for my internship. I am pregnant, and my morning sickness was so bad - just looking at a computer screen with those tiny words swimming around the screen made me really sick. I had to force myself to do my work, using every trick and piece of advice I could find (Eat Saltines! Work lying down! etc.). But I got through it; my morning sickness has pretty much passed, thank goodness.

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