Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Slowing down

All of my internship hours now are pretty much focused on adding information about the Caldecott-winning illustrators, and I feel I am getting slower all the time. This is because I did all the interesting and prolific illustrators first, and now I am getting down to the more obscure ones. There is surprisingly little information available on some of these people, especially the older illustrators. But I am finding out some fun facts - one illustrator started out drawing pictures for Dungeons & Dragons books (Tony DiTerlizzi), while another one was married to Elliott Ness, from The Untouchables (Evaline Ness). Some of the women who won Caldecotts back in the day led really inspiring lives - children's book publishing seems like it was a rather accepting of women in a time when most everything was dominated by men. Anyway, these little historical tidbits I'm picking up are making up for the difficulties I'm having in finding good material. 

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